1)the great increase in the number of quadriplegics, namely doubling in men than in women
2)the existence of children with disability and
3)the aging population in Greece,
constitute the undeniable fact of the necessity to create appropriate living and participation in public on better quality of life for these individuals.
So with the provision of our creative services and our correct study intervention, you may succeed:
 autonomy in your home environment (independence in everyday activities)
security in transportation in and out of your home environment (prevent falling, easy accessibility)
communication from distance (use of an adjusted computer) and
proper use of leisure time
This event is a result of a study conducted in Attiki during the period of 3 months (April-June) in 2010 on the occasion of a post-graduate paper entitled: ‘the use of adaptive technology in the home environment of both severely handicapped individuals and their assistants ‘,regarding the severely disabled (men-women) living alone or with some help, aged 25-60.