Short CV

Nancy Christopoulos graduated from the Technological University of Athens
(Occupational Therapy department) in 2004. Since then, she has been working as
an occupational therapist concerning the rehabilitation of neurological diseases
of children and adults. Her observation regarding the lack of use of the means
of technology and accessibility principles for people with special needs in her
country, led to her speciality in accessibility, ergonomics and new technologies of
the Universities of Paris Descartes V and Paris-Sud XI (2008-2010). During her post-
graduate studies she prepared a first essay entitled ‘’Ergonomic Intervention –
Accessibility in an elderly care unit ‘, suggesting ergonomic solutions enabling mainly
the care of the elderly’s assistants, and a second one entitled ‘’the use of adaptive
technology to home environment from adults with serious motor difficulties and
their assistants’’ which underlined the necessity of adaptive technology not only for
the sake of adults with special needs, but for their assistants as well.
Moreover, she specializes in studies related to the design of efficient working
systems in public buildings or at home, to satisfy the needs of handicapped
individuals and help them socialize and live better.

She has attended the following seminars:

• NDT/ Bobath Course
• The influence of the optic system on posture/motion/function control
• The importance of amendments and prosthetics in neurological disorders
or dysfunctional limbs
• Vascular brain damage, prevention-treatment-rehabilitation
• Conference in dysphagia
• Sensory Integration: ‘Neurological bases and clinical principles/Evaluation
and Intervention/Clinical practice’, etc
She has been a member of the Greek Occupational Therapists’ Association since
2004 and helps handicapped people accept new technologies to gain a better quality
of life.
Scientific lecture entitled: ‘Alzheimer’s disease in the 21st century’, elderly
care unit ‘Aktios’, Athens, March 2012

Basic training in neurologic evolution & development (third cycle) ‘Basic
NDT Bobath course’, Chatzipatereio Foundation, Athens, July 2006-2007

Eleven-day educational seminar in sensoty integration ‘Neurobiological
bases and clinical principles/ evaluation and intervention/ clinical
implementations/ trials’, the Pediatric institute Ltd, Athens, May 15-26,2007

Six-month seminar entitled: ‘the importance of amendments and
prosthetics in children with neurologic disorders or dysfunctional limbs’,
The Swedish institute, Athens, April 8, 2006
Fourth Panhellenic Convention ‘Health promotion & education’, Caravel
hotel, Athens, December 8-9, 2005
First scientific conference of dysphagia, Holiday Inn hotel, Athens,
November 5, 2005
Six-day educational seminar entitled: ‘the influence of the optic system
in posture, motion, function control’, Chatzipatereio Foundation, Athens,
June 25-30, 2005
International Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Association
recognized Level I/II Course as PNF I/II, 80 hour course, Athens, October
29- November 2, 2004 and January 5-9, 2005
Seventh European convention in occupational therapy
entitled: ‘structuring the future’, Hilton hotel, Athens, September 22-24, 2004
Fifth seminar (third cycle) entitled: ‘vascular brain damage, prevention-
treatment-rehabilitation’, Thriasio Hospital, Athens, December 13, 2003
Intensive programme entitled: ‘Creative Expression’, Occupational
therapy department, Technological University of Athens in cooperation
with the Occupational therapy department of Katholieke Hogeschool voor
Gezondheidszorg of Belgium, Athens, February 19-21, 2002